Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm shortlisted and I need YOUR votes

I can't believe it's been a year since I last posted and that I only wrote a few posts on this blog. I enjoy writing and I do write a little on my gardening blog My Little Garden In Dubai. Though I have this crazy idea to open a craft cafe in Dubai and I wanted this blog to be a part of it, I still wanted to keep writing here even if it wouldn't happen as soon as I had hoped for. Things got in the way and I unwillingly deserted this blog. But I hope to come back to it, especially now that my plan for the cafe could actually become a reality sooner than I thought.
I participated in the "Women of Tomorrow Award" and was among the 12 shortlisted candidates out of 500. It's such an inspiration, motivation and and potentially a final piece of the puzzle that could make Ribbons & Lace a reality. They like my idea and now there's voting which will shortlist 6 out of the 12 candidates for the final meeting with the judges and then a winner will be chosen. So I need votes. I know probably no one reads this blog but since I decided to bring it back to life I think this would be a good post to start with.
You can vote for me at the following link:

                                Vote For Yana

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